Terms and Conditions

How do you see Faversham Creek?
Take a picture – Draw a picture – Dig out an old picture… and tell us about it!

Submission guidelines

  • Anybody can take part and submit pictures for the project.
  • Pictures must be related to Faversham Creek.
  • Participants can send as many pictures as they like.
  • Pictures must be emailed to picturethecreek@gmail.com
  • Only one picture must be sent per email.
  • Each email must contain
    . the name of the sender
    . their age and where they live (which part of Faversham)
    . a comment about each picture in no more than 140 characters.
  • The deadline for submitting pictures is Tuesday 30th September 2014.
  • Photographs will be selected by a jury panel in October 2014.

Terms and conditions

  • The deadline for submitting pictures is Tuesday 30th September 2014.
  • Submissions must be wholly owned by the photographer/artist submitting pictures.
  • Images must not be embedded with any watermark, website address, etc…
  • Any identifiable person in a photograph must be made aware that picture is being taken for the Picture the Creek project, at least out of politeness.
  • Participants are submitting pictures for the project “Picture the Creek”. They explicitly give permission to the organisers to:
    . Print and publish the pictures on the internet on picturethecreek.wordpress.com and any other websites, in books, brochures, CDs/DVDs, postcards or any other media dedicated to the project and its promotion. Participants understand that when images can be viewed on the internet, they can be downloaded.
    . Display the photographs in one or several exhibitions to take place in 2014 in Faversham.
    . Pass photographs onto local history groups to keep and store these photographs as a social and historical record for heritage purposes. Photographs may be used at any time in the future by these groups free of charge for non commercial purposes only (free exhibitions etc…).
  • Not all submitted photos will be used in the completed project; a selection will be made.
  • The names of participants / authors may be displayed wherever photos will be shown.
  • The photographer retains the copyright to all submitted photographs.
  • Submitted pictures cannot be used by the organisers for any other use that those described in these T&C without the permission of the participant.

These guidelines may change at any time. Please read them each time you consider submitting pictures to Picture the Creek.

PICTURE THE CREEK is a community project organised by the Brents Community Association and Amicus Horizon Housing Association.
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