Creek Photocopy 6 – Dawn Emery

I do not know where this photo comes from I only have photocopies – my family (Jemmett) where oyster fisherman – and some of these photos may include members of the family, (but I am not sure).

By Dawn Emery (nee Jemmett)


One thought on “Creek Photocopy 6 – Dawn Emery

  1. The Faversham Society has better copies of this pix, which was taken c 1895 by one of the Crosoer brothers. It’s worth noticing the protection round the gate – necessary because there were still gunpowder mills at work on the Pond – and the painted fake ‘half-timbering’ on the Davington Hill cottages – rather absurd, as they are actually softwood-framed. However there was a fashion for this at the time.

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